“Clinton Apologists Distort Poll Data To Make False Claim That Sanders Supporters Cost Clinton The Election”

But Clinton DID win the election numerically. And they have Bernie Sanders to thank for those numbers. Hillary won the election by almost 3 million votes! Yet, because of the electoral college Trump is in office!!!! And that’s the way our constitution was designed. USA was never intended to be a democracy! It is a Republic! Because several founding fathers feared true democracy! They called it “a dictatorship of the majority”! They feared if the poor and uneducated got power, than European powers would find our conquest easy! Yes, Clinton wasn’t the best candidate. Berne Sanders was WAY better! But we need to stop beating each other up over something that was designed into our very constitution. That’s what the elites want us to do! When we fight each other, they don’t have to fight us!!!! Let’s keep our eye on the prize of creating a true direct democracy in our lifetime! We need to change our entire government from a Republic, to a DEMOCRACY! We don’t have any time to waste infighting! Please! Our future, and that of our children is at stake! Unify against laissez faire economics and Republican government. Not blame seeking about the past we can’t change!🐯🎸🎵💔😿

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